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Most of my work is done virtually or by phone. I also do in-home visits if you are local. 

Contact me at the number provided. I'm happy to schedule a time to meet either on the phone, in-person or virtual.
For lactation consultations covered by insurance, schedule through Nest Collaborative which is all telehealth. Request June Walker and you can also self schedule.
They accept most insurance plans. If I'm not available, there are so many lactation consultants at Nest that are happy to help! 
In-home consultations and virtual outside of Nest Collaborative are out of pocket. I provide a super bill upon request. I can travel up to 30 min away but may include a travel fee. 
Prenatal consults are on sale now! You can have a 1 hour virtual prenatal consult for $50! Meet with me virtually and I will review the basics of breastfeeding and assess your medical history for any risks for low supply. We can develop a plan for post delivery.  The discount will follow into the 1st postpartum visit too! I will give you10% off if you have had at least one prenatal visit from me.
Call or text for more information.

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