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What I do

Energy work is a unique ability that involves testing an individual for nonbeneficial energy. This energy can disrupt your life and keep you feeling unhealthy, anxious, depressed, tired, panicked, impact your relationships and stop you in your tracks. God gave me the gift to see this energy, ask for help to remove it, replace with God's perfect, eternal love and light and build protection against further attacks. I can also test your body for deficiencies, check what supplements or food will help improve your health and ask for healing. 

I am a certified Balance Your Life Energy Coach. All this work is directed by our Heavenly Father. I am a Christian and have been raised in the church.  This work has truly opened my eyes to the spiritual warfare that is occurring around us everyday. I can help you in this battle to feel and be your best so that you can finish the race and finish well.

What to expect and fees

Prior to the consultation, I will need check if this is the right service for you.

The first appt is usually about 2 hours. I charge $180-250 depending on the consult length.

Subsequent appointments range from $120-$180 depending on the consult length. Most follow-ups are about 1-1.5 hours. 

Additional support via text is available after appts for quick checks or information. Ask for more details and cost.

In person, in your home, is at an additional cost. I currently do not have an office.

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